Healthy foods for beautiful hair

We need to get the nutrition we need for the beauty of a hair. This is not too difficult. But we’re not too keen on this. If so, then these facts may be important to you when it comes to dieting hair.

Green vegetables

Nutritional sources such as Vitamin A and Vitamin C are the most important factors for hair health. These can be easily earned from green vegetables. Eating vegetables like curry, spinach, broccoli and other sources of calcium is not that difficult.


Vitamin “A” is not said about carrots. Carrots are very beneficial not only for the hair but also for the skin. Most people do not like the odor of carrots. As a result, there is no preference for eating carrots. They can be eaten with carrot salad, juices and steamed or mixed with soup. For the sandwich, you can add finely chopped carrots. Using a layer of carrots for a club sandwich gives you the chance to get the same benefits for your hair as it does for the appetite.

sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are a rich source of carotene. Sweet potato beta carotene and vitamin “A” protects the health of hair. Potatoes contain iron, copper and protein. The benefits of adding sweet potato to your diet are not easy. It can be eaten boiled and served as a curry. Some people bake and eat sweet potatoes. Either way, the appreciation for sweet potatoes doesn’t diminish.

the eggs

Eggs are a nutritious source of vitamin A and vitamin B content. The egg juice may wash off after a while, but you will notice the brightness. Many shampoos also mention egg proteins. Therefore, natural eggs of good quality can be used for this purpose. Hair also needs oxygen. Eggs provide easy access to oxygen. Eggs can be boiled, fried, omelette, half boiled, served with curry or bread and roti.

Sea oysters

It is not only an irritating problem, it can also cause infections and cause hair loss. Sea oysters are rich in zinc, which can strengthen the hair and relieve infections.


Protein, biotin, and other ingredients that are needed for a shiny hair are rich in soybeans, chickpea, cowpea and green gram. For those who do not eat meat, this protein can provide the protein you need to keep your hair healthy and free from obstruction.


Cashew Vitamin E is perfect for nourishing your hair. Cashews like almonds and peanuts are also supported.


Eating salmon with nutritional sources like Omega-3 and Vitamin B12 stimulates the blood circulation, making it easy for the hair and skin to become the owner of a bright and healthy haircut.

Low fat dairy products

Good for cheese, yogurt and unsweetened milk hair. Add milk to your diet as calcium and protein help hair growth and health.


The vitamin C content in fruit is very good for hair. Fruit mangoes, pineapples, and strawberries, queas and peaches, which are very common among fruits, play a major role in the hair.

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